Australasia’s Leading Independent Supplier of Specialised Soil and Rock Mechanics Testing

Since 1994, Trilab has been assisting its Asia-Pacific mining, civil construction, and infrastructure clients with the technical assessment of soil and rock characteristics that is becoming a critical component to the design of large scale mining and infrastructure projects.  The company’s suite of soil and rock mechanics tests include:

  • Triaxial testing with over 30 load frames capable of specimen diameters 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 86mm, and 100 mm; pore pressure measurement and data acquisition; maximum confining pressure of 3,500 kPa
  • Rock strength testing including Direct Tensile, UCS, modulus testing, P and S Wave,  Hoek-cell and high strength Triaxials with capacity of 2,500 kN and maximum confining pressure of 50 MPa
  • Direct Shear testing of up to 2,500 kPa normal load; with data acquisition and surface profiling including 300mm boxes

Specific details regarding Trilab’s capabilities and testing suite, can be found at soil mechanics testingrock mechanics testing, aggregates, and calibration and instrumentation services.

Responsive and Value Creating — Accurate and Consistent Testing — Increased Confidence in Design

Trilab is accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (or NATA, Accredited Laboratory No. 9926).  The scale of Trilab’s laboratories and expertise results in Trilab being the supplier of choice to some of the world’s largest mining and exploration companies because Trilab’s soil and rock mechanics tests:

  • Can confidently be relied upon – Trilab’s test results have integrity, and are accurate and consistent
  • Are delivered in a responsive and timely manner
  • Dramatically reduce the overall cost of design and improve the safety aspects associated with large scale mining and infrastructure projects

Trilab’s test reports are issued electronically and are accompanied by all relevant background information and photographs of the relevant soil or rock sample subjected to testing.  At any time, Trilab’s clients are free to observe their tests being performed in the Brisbane and Perth laboratories.

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In order for Trilab to complete tests to the appropriate standard, customers are required to provide samples consistent with the minimum quantities and core diameters outlined in the attached Guide.

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